Yoga for Proper Posture


In today’s modern living, most of us spend our time sitting on office cubicles, driving, slouched comfortably on our couch. These kinds of activities are very detrimental to the spine and can cause significant problems in the long run. Spending hours and hours sitting impacts the spine directly and degenerates its natural curve, causing poor posture.

Though having a poor posture may seem like nothing, this simple irregularity on your spine’s alignment is one of the major causes of headaches, neck spasm, back pains, and low energy levels. Give your posture the attention it deserves and save yourself from these troubles.


Flow Back To Alignment

Yoga is very popular for the natural benefits it gives to the body and mind. Getting into the practice is one efficient way to realign your posture. Flow easily with these Yoga poses, and you will definitely be standing tall and strong in no time.


Mountain Pose/Tadasana: This pose is our body’s natural alignment and is a perfect example of proper posture. Performing this pose can easily determine your posture’s current state. If you can do Mountain Pose with correct form and without any strain, this could mean that your posture is at a good state. If doing this pose is pretty challenging to you, practice regularly and allow the pose to reeducate your body’s postural memory.

  • How To Do The Pose: Begin by standing with your hands on the side. Then, separate your feet and make sure that they are hip-width apart. Activate your core, quads, and calves. Remember to keep your tailbone tucked. And then, relax your shoulders by keeping them wide and pulled away from your ears. Slowly align your chin parallel to the floor. It assures that your pelvic floor is directly below your head’s crown. Inhale, then extend your arms upward and hold the position for five breaths.



Cobra Pose/Bhujangasana: This posture counters slouching by stretching the front of the body. It also decompresses strains on the spine due to poor posture. Cobra Pose also opens the shoulder and chest, reversing rounded shoulders.

  • How To Do The Pose: Lie on your stomach and place your hands underneath your shoulders. Then, take a deep breath in and press away from the ground, lifting your body up and back. Keep your neck long and make sure to push your shoulders away from your ears. Stay in this pose for five breaths and lower back down to release.



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Always practice with an open heart and good intentions. Do not rush the process. Practice regularly, and your posture will surely be realigned properly. Always trust the journey and make sure to have fun!

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